Waterloo Languages

  • This page contains the Waterloo language disks that run in 6809 mode on the SuperPET.

    Protection Removed

    The SuperPET includes an undocumented chip, the MOS 6702, that is a hardware protection device (“dongle”). The Waterloo languages include protection routines that check for the 6702 and crash if it is not detected.

    Dave E. Roberts successfully removed the protection from the second version of the Waterloo languages in April 2012. These disks will run without the 6702 installed:

    Dave has also provided an extensive PDF document describing the protection routines and how he removed them.

    6702 Decapped

    I donated a 6702 chip to the Visual 6502 team to be decapped and photographed. First photos now available.

    Thanks to Dave E. Roberts, a Visual 6702 simulator is now available. This is a transistor-level simulation built using the images of the decapped MOS 6702. You can also download a ZIP archive of the simulator to run it on your local computer.