Mimic Systems Spartan

  • Do you have any disks for the Spartan? Please contact me at .

    The Spartan from Mimic Systems is an Apple II+ clone that plugs into the back of a Commodore 64.


    Spartan User’s Manual – PDF, 114 pages.


    According to the manual, the Spartan came with one disk called “Filer”. This disk includes utility programs and extensions to Applesoft BASIC. The extensions are described on page 63 of the manual.

    I do not have the disk. Please contact me if you have it.


    Shane Wood found photocopies of the schematics and scanned them:

    spartan-backplane-1.png – Backplane, page 1 of 2
    spartan-backplane-2.png – Backplane, page 2 of 2
    spartan-cpu.png – CPU Board


    These are the EPROMs that I found in my Spartan. U35 is the EPROM closest to the C64 cartridge port and is the ROM mapped into the C64’s address space at $8000.

    spartan-backplane-u35.bin – U35 on backplane. 2764, marked with handwritten “C”.
    spartan-backplane-u2.bin – U2 on backplane. 2764, no markings.
    spartan-backplane-u3.bin – U3 on backplane. 27128, no markings.
    spartan-cpu-board-u13.bin – U13 on CPU card. 2764, no markings.


    Review (Ahoy, Sep 1986)