Horde/Routes 0.3 Released

  • Posted by Mike Naberezny in PHP,Python,Ruby

    Horde/Routes is a URL mapping system for PHP 5. It is a direct port of the Routes, a Python library that is part of the Pylons project. Horde/Routes is a standalone library designed to be integrated into any MVC framework.

    This release brings in some changes from Routes 1.8. The most noticeable change is that custom actions on RESTful routes are now delimited with the forward slash (/) instead of the semicolon (;). This was done for parity with Ruby on Rails.

    I have also fixed some bugs, notably that the resource route generator failed to generate routes that recognized PUT and DELETE requests on “formatted” resources (/messages/1.xml). This fix will be merged upstream to the Python version.

    I am also using the Python version and I met with Ben Bangert, the author of the Python version, at PyCon 2008. Each release of Horde/Routes has resulted in patches to the Python version. It’s nice how this small ecosystem has developed around the routes concept between these projects (Ruby on Rails, Pylons, and our work in Horde).

    Since Horde/Routes 0.3, the default RESTful routes generated by Horde/Routes are fully compatible with the latest version of ActiveResource. We have a new project at work that is using Horde/Routes and ActiveResource together and it works well.


  • comment by Conrad Taylor 10 Aug 08

    Hi, how can one download and install Horde/Routes 0.3 as a tarball?



  • comment by Mike Naberezny 10 Aug 08

    It is available from its download page on Horde’s PEAR channel.

  • comment by Conrad Taylor 14 Aug 08

    Hi, I’m interested in using restful routes. Thus, how does one configure for nested for working with the Zend Framework bootstrapper? Is there a sample application? Thanks in advance.

  • comment by Mike Naberezny 17 Aug 08

    There is not a sample application but we have a project website with many examples. We do not provide instructions for using Horde/Routes with any specific web framework and this is unlikely to change. However, we have provided an integration guide for web framework implementers.

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