PyCon 2008 Wrap-Up

  • Posted by Mike Naberezny in Python

    At PyCon 2008, I co-presented a talk, Supervisor as a Platform. The talk was well attended and the audience even included Python creator Guido van Rossum. We received a lot of positive feedback about our recent work and I suspect we picked up a good number of new users as well.

    About two months ago, we began a push to build quality documentation for Supervisor using Docbook. After this was complete, we set out to build a new web presence. Our efforts culminated at PyCon 2008 when we unveiled the new Supervisor website.

    PyCon was also very productive, with hacking on Supervisor, Repoze, and general WSGI fun. I worked on a new feature to allow Supervisor’s process group configurations to be reloaded without restarting Supervisor. Meanwhile, Chris made supervisorctl pluggable so extensions can add new commands to the Supervisor command line.

    I also attended quite a few interesting talks, met some new people, enjoyed hanging out with usual the Zope and Plone folks, and overall just had a good time. PyCon 2008 was great conference and I’m looking forward to next year.