• This page contains disks and information for the SuperPET in 6809 mode. This material came from John Toebes, a former member of ISPUG (International SuperPET Users Group) who programmed the SuperPET in 6809 mode and was involved in disassembling its software.

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    BASICDISASM.D80 – Includes a version of the Waterloo editor with the dongle check removed.

    BDC62.D80 – BEDCALC and DEVCALC, two editor programs by Joe Bostic.

    BESRC.D80 – Source code, binaries, and notes for BEDIT and DEVEDIT by Joe Bostic.

    BEDCALC10.D80 – Source code for BEDCALC 1.0 and BEDIT 1.0 by Joe Bostic. This disk also includes SPMON and SPMON LO from Terry Peterson, along with three SPMON instruction files.

    BOSTIC.D80 – A text editor written by Joe Bostic.


    SUPERFORTH51.D80 – SuperFORTH 5.1 program and documentation.


    TELECOM.D80 – ISPUG Master Telecom Disk v1.0. Includes programs for 6809 and 6502 mode.

    TERMPKG.D80 – A terminal package that contains one file, “TV920”, which is presumably a TeleVideo 920 emulator.

    DIR-NEWTERM.D80 – Three programs: DIR, DIRECTORY, and NEWTERM, all with source code. NEWTERM is a terminal program that includes instructions.


    ASTRO.D80 – Unknown programs ASTRO and DRIVER, and also SPMON. SPMON is a monitor program written by Terry Peterson that includes instructions. Also includes six unknown files “A000-AFFFF”, “B000-BFFF”, etc. that may be ROM dumps. Note: Track 56, Sector 12 of this disk was bad and the image contains all zeroes for that sector. Some data may be affected.

    PIPHELP.D80 – Waterloo microPIP (a file copy utility) and an unknown “help” program.