• In the early 1980’s, a group of ISPUG members called the “Bit Twiddler Brigade” and lead by John Toebes worked to reverse engineer the 6809 mode of the SuperPET. They disassembled the ROMs and Waterloo disks, and even produced improved versions of some Waterloo programs. The disks below were provided by John Toebes.

    Waterloo ROM Disassemblies

    • Waterloo ROM Source Code – Complete source code for the Waterloo ROMs, built by John Toebes on 2010-12-10 from the disassembly files recovered from these disks. This version assembles cleanly into an exact match for the ROM binary.
    • Waterloo ROM Assembler Listing – Listing file generated by assembling the file above.
    • Waterloo ROM Labels for VICE – Labels for use in the monitor of the VICE emulator. I generated these from the symbol table at the bottom of the listing file above.

    OSPETER1.D80 – ROM disassemblies dated 1983-01-03 with patches from Terry Peterson. This disk also includes notes and SPMON.

    OSPAGED1.D80 – ROM disassemblies dated 1983-01-05, similar to OSPETER1.D80 but with different contents.

    OSIOBREAKUP.D80 – Assembly code for portions of the ROM in an unknown format.

    DICKBARNES.D80 – Files from Dick Barnes, the editor of SuperPET Gazette. This disk contains random programs, a memory map, and ROM disassemblies.

    Waterloo Disk Disassemblies

    APLDISASM.D80 – Disassemblies of the Waterloo APL language (unknown version).

    BJORNDAHL.D80 – Disassemblies from Brad Bjorndahl, a former TPUG and ISPUG member. This disk appears to be banks 2 and 8 of Waterloo microBASIC (unknown version).