Lab Power Supply

  • This is a power supply that I constructed for the bench where I do most of my electronics projects. It was originally intended for a Commodore 128 computer and I purchased it on eBay for around two dollars. I completed my modifications to it on February 15th, 2002.

    Modified C128 Power Supply

    Modified C128 Power Supply

    The supply was built with an output cable that terminated with a square connector for the C128. This is a rare connector and not very useful to me so I replaced it with a normal DIN connector and used the same pin arrangement as the Commodore 64.

    This is a switched-mode power supply that puts out a regulated 5VDC at 4.3A, and also provides 9VAC at 1A. There are two fuses in the unit and the one for the 5VDC circuit is accessible from outside of the case.

    After replacing the output cord, I also ran the 5VDC out to two combination banana/binding posts that I added. I also mounted a switch under these terminals that enables power to the terminals to be disconnected while power to the output cord remains constant.