CBM 8032-SK Board

  • In October 2013, I needed to find a replacement mainboard for an 8032-SK. While the 8032-SK uses the same mainboard as the standard 8032 (the universal board, assembly 8032089), there is one minor difference. A mechanical clearance issue prevents a board from an 8032 from dropping straight into an 8032-SK.

    On the 8032-SK, the metal can covering the oscillator circuit has been removed. The 16 MHz crystal also sits at an angle off the board. This was done to make more vertical clearance for a metal bracket on the 8032-SK case that holds the AC input. This is how it shipped from Commodore (photo by Steve Gray):

    On an 8032, the oscillator has a metal can around it (lid removed):


    To modify the 8032 board for installation in an 8032-SK, I first removed the metal can around the oscillator:

    Crystal technology has improved since the 1980s. Rather than have the old crystal hanging off at an angle as Commodore did, I replaced it with a low profile one:

    The replacement is a CY16LP, Jameco part number 137891.