CBM 610 RFI Filter

  • In September 2013, the Funk-Entstörfilter (RFI suppression filter) on my Commodore 610 burned up. This page shows how it was connected and how I removed it.

    This photo shows the original AC wiring with the line filter in place:


    The photo above is actually a B500 (220V version). It has the power supply mounted above the mainboard and the line filter hangs off a screw on the transformer. On the 610, the power supply mounts to the top of the case and the line filter is hangs off the back plate above the expansion port.

    The line filter has 4 wires coming out of the metal can: 2 blue and 2 black. The two blue wires are AC in and connect to the receptacle. The two black wires are AC out and go to the transformer. One of the black wires connects directly to the transformer, the other has the power switch and fuse inline.

    This photo shows the wiring after I removed the filter:


    Here are the markings on the metal can:


    0.1uF+2x2500pF XY
    +2x100uH 250V~2A
    F11.171/65 W-Germany
    550-6 /DVE\ 460-7 EE HPF
    Dresselseite blau 11.82 (D)