Commodore LCD Firmware


  • comment by Steve Gray 4 Oct 08

    Nice! It’s great to see information like this made available for all to enjoy!

  • comment by Robert Bernardo 4 Oct 08

    Excellent! Excellent! Big kudos to Bil! Thanks for your efforts, Mike!

  • comment by Bo Zimmerman 5 Oct 08

    Many thanks to both Mike and Bil.

    The roms have also been made available from (the old funet archive)

  • comment by ZagNut 5 Oct 08

    Great! Now, all we need are some specs on some of the IC’s inside (LCD controller etc.) and we can start adding the Commodore LCD emulation to VICE!

  • comment by Mike Naberezny 5 Oct 08

    This is being discussed on the cbm-hackers mailing list.

  • comment by Jakit 5 Oct 08

    hmmm… LCD specs, c1 board and throw in a 1541-III = New Commodore Hardware Project……. = )

  • comment by LGB 27 Jan 14

    Bit last to comment I guess, but I went into the “business” a bit late as well :) Thanks for the ROM images, it was an esential part for my Commodore LCD emulator!

  • comment by webrtc 23 Jul 14

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