Supervisor at PyCon 2008

  • Posted by Mike Naberezny in Python

    I’ll be presenting at PyCon 2008:

    Supervisor is a tool for managing UNIX processes. Supervisor starts arbitrary processes at its own startup and allows otherwise unprivileged users to start, stop and restart its subprocesses and view its subprocess’ logs using a command line or web interface. Other programs exist which do this, but what sets Supervisor apart is that it is written in Python and built with extension points that can be leveraged by Python developers. In this talk, we’ll look at Supervisor as a platform, and how Python programs written to run under Supervisor can use its unique capabilities.

    Our talk will cover basic usage but will focus on the more advanced features we’ve added recently, such as adding custom RPC interfaces and event listeners.

    PyCon 2008 will in Chicago on March 13-16th. From the list of talks, it looks like this is going to be a great conference. I am especially looking forward to pounding out some new code during the sprints following the conference on the 17-20th.