Upcoming Talks

  • Posted by Mike Naberezny in PHP,Ruby

    The nice folks behind the DC PHP Conference asked me to put out a note to let you know I’ll be speaking there, so here’s a bit about the talks I’ll be giving and other events I’ll be attending in the next couple of months:

    DC PHP Conference (Oct 18-20)

    • PHP Intranet Web Services is a new talk that is geared to fit into the conference’s theme of “integration with the federal government”. PHP is an excellent glue language for integrating web services and legacy applications on intranets and there are a host of libraries available to help. We’ll explore some of these options and talk about the unique aspects of developing PHP-based services behind corporate firewalls.
    • Getting Started with Zend Framework will give developers a jumpstart on developing with the Zend Framework. A brief introduction will include installation, an architectural overview, comparing it with alternatives, and explaining its process and online resources. We’ll then dive right into some of the more useful components through examples with sample code. I’ve been around the Zend Framework longer than most so feel free to bring all of your questions for Q&A and code for possible hacking sprints later.

    Zend/PHP Conference 2006 (Oct 30 – Nov 2)

    • Best Practices of PHP Development will be an extensive three-hour tutorial session. Matthew and I had such a good time speaking at the last Zend conference that we’re doing it together again this year with a new tutorial session. We’ve both been working as professional PHP developers for many years and this is our chance to share some of the PHP development and deployment tricks we’ve learned along the way.

    Other Events

    Since starting my own consulting business, I’ve also been having a great time doing quite a bit of Ruby on Rails development in addition to my usual Python and PHP programming and training. As I dip into Ruby more, I’ll be attending the Pragmatic Studio (Oct 9-11) and also the Rails Edge Conference (Nov 16-18).

    If you’re headed to any of these events, contact me if you’d like to meet up or if you have any requests for the talks.