Tcl Syntax Highlighting for TextMate

  • Posted by Mike Naberezny in Tcl

    I first discovered TextMate early this year when I began working with Ruby on Rails. Since then, it’s become my editor of choice and I use it for editing all of my Python and Ruby code.

    One of my customer projects has required me to work extensively with their custom Expect scripts so I have spent a good amount of time programming Tcl lately. Unfortunately, TextMate doesn’t ship with Tcl support out of the box.

    Lars Pind created an OpenACS Tcl bundle for use with the OpenACS framework but lost the files during a server move.

    While it’s not linked from the TextMate website, there is a bundle in the Subversion repository and its Tcl syntax highlighting works quite well. Installation is simple:

    $ svn --username anon --password anon export \
    $ mate Tcl.tmbundle

    For Expect users: The Tcl bundle won’t recognize Expect (.exp) files by default. After opening an .exp file, choose Tcl from the Language dropdown in the editor window. Expect files will now open with Tcl syntax highlighting. While Expect keywords like send_user won’t be highlighted, all standard Tcl keywords will be.


  • comment by Richard 1 Dec 06

    Wow, that installation was simple. I was rather dissapointed when I saw TextMate didn’t have support for TCL out of the box. Cheers for the tip!

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  • comment by Hugo Esquivel 24 Sep 08

    I have TextMate 1.5.7 and I don’t know how to install this bundle. Could you, please, tell me what are each of the steps to follow? But please step by step, I’m a novice in this. Thanks in advance.

  • comment by Patcshmyle 17 Jul 09

    Following up on this, first the URL to reference has changed.
    It is now: svn –username anon –password anon export

    Additionally, when I went into the Bundle Editor for TCL, I added the following line (collected from the bash TextMate Bundle) TCL > TCL > After first line I added (without quotes) ” firstLineMatch = ‘^#!.*(expect|tcl)’;”

  • comment by iaout 1 Feb 11


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