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    The April 2006 issue of php|architect is now available. This issue marks my first appearance in their pages with the cover article, “Introducing Zend Framework”.

    In the article, I begin by introducing Zend’s motivations for creating a framework and how it relates to their PHP Collaboration Project. More information on these topics can be found on the Zend Framework website. I then dive into a tutorial where I take a business scenario and show how the components included in the Zend Framework can be put to work.

    The article demonstrates a workflow where invoice data is retrieved from a web service, an invoice in PDF format is then built from that data, and finally the resultant file is emailed to a customer. The components Zend_XmlRpc_Client, Zend_Pdf, Zend_Mail, and Zend_Search_Lucene are explored along the way.

    I’d like to thank the team at php|architect for such a professional and enjoyable experience getting the article to print.

    Update: The article is now available for free download in PDF format here.


  • comment by Rob... 2 May 06

    Congratulations Mike!

  • comment by Nate K 10 May 06

    Just finished reading your article in my PHP|Arch Magazine. It was a great read and an excellent example to show the power and simplicity of the ZF.

    I look forward to more articles in the future :)


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  • comment by Firman Wandayandi 25 Oct 06

    Thanks Mike!
    Currently I’m learning to hack the ZF now for build a site. Hope it will be help me much to figure it out more deeper. More than what I got on Chris’s tutorial.

    Waiting for your another stuffs.

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