Zend Framework Manual Updated

  • Posted by Mike Naberezny in PHP

    For those of you who are interested in browsing the Zend Framework manual online, I’ve made some improvements to the interface that will make it more enjoyable: http://framework.zend.com/manual/

    There’s no question that the excellent manual at php.net is a big reason that PHP is so easy to use. We recognize this and documentation has been very important to the Zend Framework project from the first day. We aim to always have the highest quality documentation possible, and to make it as accessible as possible by publishing it in multiple formats.

    The distribution currently ships with the documentation in HTML for offline viewing. In the near future, we plan to publish a PDF version as well. There will be many future updates to the website and we plan to also add search capabilities (powered by Zend_Search, of course).

    Documentation is currently available only in English, although already some users have volunteered translations of parts of the manual. After we reach the 1.0 release and the docs stabilize, we’ll begin building our documentation team to do as many localizations as possible. If you’d like to help the Zend Framework succeed in your home country, helping with translations will be a great way to contribute to our effort in the near future.


  • comment by Chris Shiflett 13 Mar 06

    Very snazzy. Well done, Mike!

    I’ll go ahead and ask this inevitable question – given the success of PHP’s manual, are there plans to allow user-contributed notes?

  • comment by Mike Naberezny 13 Mar 06

    I haven’t made any plans to implement them at this time but it wouldn’t be difficult. However, it would mean we’d have to maintain them. Your opinion on it is welcome.

  • comment by Andries Seutens 13 Mar 06

    Very nice job MIke!

    Having user-contributed notes would be super! A lot of people learn there stuff by looking at examples.

    One of the great things of the php manual is that you can access the documentation of a certain function by typing php.net/functionname. It would be great if the ZF could adopt this way of working. eg. framework.zend.com/Zend_Controller

  • comment by Luke 14 Mar 06

    Very nice. May I suggest adding a little space on the left hand margin. It looks a little cramped the way it currently is.

  • comment by Mike Naberezny 14 Mar 06

    Andries – That’s a good idea. We’re going to be implementing search eventually so we’ll have a simple input box that should take care of this. However, I agree that searching in the URI like php.net does is very convenient. Perhaps we can do something like this in the future also.

    Luke – I agree. I’ve added some whitespace to the left margin. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • comment by Andries Seutens 14 Mar 06

    That being said. How about adding the “show source” function (eyes on the future here) like php.net offers on the bottom of every page (not many people are aware of this)?

    People could learn a lot from it…

  • comment by mindphp 10 Oct 07

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